The Fastest Locking
Solution for

Commercial Vehicles


The fastest external locking solution for the cargo area of your commercial vehicle

Thanks to its constructional geometries and the rugged steel body, XVan protects the goods transported by commercial vehicles. It can be installed on the rear and side doors, making the cargo area unaffected by frequent break-ins. Since remains anchored to the doors of the vehicle, XVan allows to carry out the operations of loading and unloading goods in a safe, fast and comfortable way. It is available with manual or automatic closing.

Design, technology & innovation

A new protection concept for the load compartment of your commercial vehicle. XVan is made by GatelockVan

The “All In One” protection

Automatic & Manual operation

The external locking solution for commercial vehicles “XVAN” is unique: it is set in AUTOMATIC or MANUAL version according to the customer needs. The lock is assembled in AUTOMATIC version, but before or after the installation, the customer can switch it to MANUAL version if necessary by making a simple operation.

The AUTOMATIC version is set as standard. The lock will close automatically on each opening. Its slamlocking operation allows the loading and unloading of materials in a safe, comfortable and easy way.

The MANUAL version ensure that the XVAN lock remains open whenever the load compartment doors are used. When the operator decides it, before or after the installation on the commercial vehicle, the padlock will close with just pulling the ring on the armor surface towards the outside.

High security cylinder Netoma®

The high security cylinder used by XVan was patented by Block Shaft Group and certified by the Istituto Giordano according EU EN1303 with top quality security. Alternatively, the XVan lock is available with other security cylinders certified according to EU standard.

Key Points of XVan


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