The lock for your Van

The padlock for the protection of the Van and electric vehicles.

XVan, is the range of security padlocks for the protection of the load compartment of your Van, electric vehicles and scooters.
It is applied on the various doors of the load compartment making it impervious to the most frequent break-in attempts thanks to the its constructional geometries and robust steel body.
XVan allows the loading and unloading of goods in a quickly, comfortably and safely way because it remains anchored to the doors. It is available in the version with SLAMLOCKING or ALL-IN-ONE closure, both the SLAMLOCK and DEADLOCK versions.

The security padlock is unique in its kind: it can be configured in SLAMLOCK or DEADLOCK version according to the customer’s needs. The padlock is supplied in slamlock mode, making the load compartment unassailable after each closing; if the use of the manual mode is necessary, before or after installation, the customer can carry out the conversion simply by removing the appropriate pin.
The range consists of the X model for special applications on e-bikes, scooters and electric vehicles or light commercial vehicles. Finally, the XL model has been designed for applications on commercial vehicles up to 3,5 tons.

The classic padlock

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the brand new, compact padlock

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The strengths of the XVAN range

High security cylinder Netoma®

The high security cylinder used by XVan was patented by Block Shaft Group and certified by the Istituto Giordano according EU EN1303 with top quality security. Alternatively, the XVan lock is available with other security cylinders certified according to EU standard.